Balloon Sculptures

After the magic, David makes balloon creations for everybody. With far more than just a few to mention, here are some of the creations they will enjoy:


DOG - BEAR - TURTLE - SNAIL - RABBIT - REINDEER - SWAN - HORSE - TWISTY HAT - RAY GUN (This one makes sounds. Really does!) - PIRATE SWORD - MOTORCYCLE - and the list goes on.


With plenty of balloons to choose from, the children are sure to get something they will enjoy. David has found that no matter how much skill and dexterity is worked into the show; when the balloons come out, the children just go wild. That is why the balloons are saved for the very last.




*SPECIAL NOTE: Although balloons are a symbol of play and much joy for children, they can also be very dangerous. It is important to keep balloons away from your eyes and mouth.