Restaurant & Specialty Events

David has made regular appearances in many restaurants and provided entertainment for many social events, store anniversaries, grand openings, and special 'Carnival Nite Fun' for clubhouse functions. David has entertained more than 40 different restaurants over the years, and has literally entertained thousands with his close-up wizardry.


If you are a restaurant owner or manager, you can make your patrons visit a little more pleasurable with a night of magic and laughter for both the parents and their children. A 'Family Nite Magic' event can be arranged as a one time, seasonal, or weekly on going event. David entertains table-to-table with 5 to 7 minutes of humor and 'out of pocket' magic, followed by balloon sculptures for the adults and children. Call it 'Kids Nite' or 'Magic Nite', this tableside entertainment is ideal for easing a customer's wait after they've placed their order; or on evenings when there are long waiting periods at the door before seating. Making a customer's visit more enjoyable is what this is all about.


This kind of magic is geared to the type of establishment you have as well as the type of event you are hosting. So, if it's a grand opening, social event, or night of restaurant fun, David's close-up magic is what you are looking for.

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